I felt strongly that the hearing exam was thorough. I also felt that the analysis of the hearing exam was equally outstanding. I believe that the audiologist nailed it right on the nose in regards to what my needs are with my hearing difficulty, and that the hearing aids that he has chosen for me Will meet my needs. The follow up exams have been equally thorough. Pickart Hearing Service is a really special place, and it's local as well. I highly recommend them.
David, on Google
Dr. Andy, at Pickart hearing , been very through with knowledge explaining to understand my hearing problem I do recommend Pickart hearing solutions , and Andy's new associate Jenni , to knowledgeable to answer questions hoping to have life time of care at Pickart Hearing Thank You
Donald Madriaga, on Google
Andy and Jenny are very customer oriented, friendly and answer my questions. I recommend Pickart’s.
Judy W, on Google
So my visits with Andy at Pickart hearing are always very nice. The reception is area is neat and tidy. Love the peacefulness of the fish tank and the receptionist is always kind. Andy has done a great job and so now I’m trying the waterproof sides and very excited. His new receptionist Jenny was very nice and personable which is a plus. Caroline Anderson 🤗💕
Caroline Anderson, on Google
My appointment was right on time. I needed my hearing aides adjusted and that was not a problem at all. It was a very pleasant visit and I walked out hearing far better!
robert dineen, on Google

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